News Articles - Cable yarding

Can drivetrain hybridization and electrification work on tower yarders?
2023-08-14 10:09:17

Researchers examined the potential of hybridized drivetrains for tower yarder applications

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The Logfisher: An innovative harvesting system for reduced impact logging
2018-02-22 11:14:12

The functionality of the 'Logfisher' timber harvester is based on the concept of fishing.

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New running skyline cable yarder from Owren
2018-02-22 10:22:40

Norwegian cable yarder manufacturer, Owren, have released the new Owren 350.

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New Cable Yarding Safety and Operating Handbook
2018-02-22 09:47:19

The new South African based handbook now includes new technology and cable yarder configurations.

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Wyssen introduce their new W-40 cable winch
2018-02-22 09:40:41

The winch is suited for long-distance up and downhill cable extraction.

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Logging research - Comparing soil erosion of cable yarders and tracked cable skidders
2018-02-22 09:34:05

The potential for soil erosion was evaluated in this research carried out in the Appalachian Region of Virginia, USA.

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Is cable yarder operator performance improved through controlled training?
2018-02-22 09:00:31

New research has quantified the performance benefits that can be achieved.

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How should one splice cables in cable yarding operations?
2018-02-22 08:39:53

WorkSafe has a free-for-download splicing manual that gives the step-by-step process for cable splicing.

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Hin-Tech release their new excavator-based cable yarder
2018-02-22 08:39:20

The Urus III 300 UNI 3T is a new guy-less cable yarder on the market, and uses a modified construction excavator as a carrier.

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Grapple yarding of hardwood pulp trees on steep and sensitive areas
2018-02-22 08:35:17

New research shows impressive productivity figures using new grapple yarding systems

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