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Waratah Forestry Equipment introduces their new H216 hardwood head
2024-05-06 10:13:07

The H216 is a new two-roller head added to the Waratah 200 Series lineup

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New Triangulated Harvesting Head
2024-03-28 11:44:54

Tigercat adds a fifth model to their harvesting head line-up with the new three-wheel drive 573

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Komatsu Forest upgrades their S172 harvester head
2024-03-17 15:42:35

The 2024 improvement includes an upgraded length-measuring function

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Eco Log´s cabin project – from start to finish
2023-12-18 16:52:34

This allows for lower capital cost mulching for specialised operations

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The new Nisula 755X is purpose-built for thinning dense forest and final felling
2023-07-21 09:53:27

This new harvester head is reliable, easy to service, and has improved uptime and productivity

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Major upgrades to popular harvesting head
2023-06-30 12:52:28

The 2024 model upgrade introduces several new functions and improvements

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The New Log Max 5000V is a versatile Harvesting Head for a wide selection of carriers and felling
2023-06-16 09:57:58

The head provides a balance between flexibility, capacity and durability

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Eco Log launches a completely new harvester cabin
2023-06-16 09:42:29

And along with it - the G-series wheeled harvesters

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Launching the Komatsu 951XC harvester
2023-05-26 11:52:45

The new eight-wheeled clearfell or final felling harvester from Komatsu Forest

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Komatsu Forest’s Maxifleet is now able to do stem code visualisation
2023-04-17 00:00:00

It is now easier to classify stems based on considerations

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