The Nokian Tyres Noktop 21 drive axle tread is renewed

This all-season classic, commonly used for timber transport, has been improved.

For decades, Nokian Tyres Noktop 21's traction, self-cleaning properties and versatility on challenging surfaces has made it the trusted go-to traction tread for commercial use. From the beginning of 2024, the classic tread gets new features – while keeping its first-class properties.

From February 2024, Noktop 21 gets a new look and new features. While the time-proven rubber compound, tread pattern and two-layer Cap/Base structure remain, it now has broader width range of 240 to 280 mm (9.4 to 11 in), added stud holes for every width, clear product markings for identification as well as 3PMSF marking as proof of safe winter use.

By creating new molds and adding some improvements, Nokian gave the classic tread a fresh start. With the new 280 mm (11 in) width, the Noktop 21 range covers the most popular tire sizes very well. Over the years, the Noktop 21 drive tread has become something of a legend in the transport industry. Its good self-cleaning properties and remarkable traction have earned the trust of people working on wintry roads. Its tread pattern has also been copied by many other manufacturers.

Earlier versions of the Noktop 21 tread had a distinctive white stripe, which Nokian later had to leave out for manufacturing reasons. Now, the renewed Noktop 21 has clear markings with model number, country of origin and winter symbols.

Retreading makes sense – both economically and for the environment. Particularly in the Nordic countries most heavy tires get a second round of use with quality retreading. For all-season general use, you cannot beat the two-layer Cap/Base structure of the original Noktop 21. The tread profile changes over the winter to become suitable for summer use. And with the new molds and features, the Noktop 21’s success continues. Source