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About Loggin On Newsletter

Logging-on is an independent and unbiased distributer of forestry logging information. Logging-on is not affiliated to any supplier of equipment. It has the aim of getting new and relevant information to the user as quickly as possible. Logging information is often fragmented, in different formats and time consuming to source and then filter out useful information. Logging-on aims to short-cut this and places the useful information at the fingertips of the user. The user can then choose to investigate the information in even more detail if required.

Forest Engineering (logging) includes timber harvesting, tree processing, extraction and transport of forest logs and biomass. It also includes all forest road activities. Human aspects are very important as the work conditions need to be optimised to create a safe and productive working environment. The forest engineering part of the value chain normally has the highest cost. These high costs are incurred in a very short space of time, ranging from less than a day to a few months. Therefore, there is always the focus on information, methods and technologies that can reduce this cost sustainably. Logging-on attempts to provide some of the above to reduce these costs and also the time spent on searching for information.

The editors and contributors of Logging-on are well experienced in logging operations across the globe. They also have experience in training, research and conference organising, with a strong leaning towards practical on the ground requirements of the various levels of forest engineering management. Logging-on encourages any interested people to submit articles, information and events.


Equipment suppliers and leaders in the forest engineering and logging industry


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For submission of conferences, tours or any other interesting forest engineering information, please email support@loggingon.net


This web site has been established for the distribution of relevant and interesting information to the forest engineering community. This web site may include inaccuracies. Logging-on shall have no responsibility for errors or omissions in this web site. The information in this web site is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.