Logging Handbooks

Handbook Website link
FESA: Shift Scheduling in Mechanised Harvesting Operations in South Africa http://www.icfr.ukzn.ac.za/collaboration/forest-engineering-southern-africa/fesa-publications/
Working in Harvesting Teams http://www.mieab.se/english.html  
FESA: South African Ground Based Harvesting Handbook http://www.icfr.ukzn.ac.za/collaboration/forest-engineering-southern-africa/fesa-publications/
TMLFUN: Timber harvesting methods in steep and moderately sloped terrain http://www.fh-erfurt.de/lgf/fo/forschung/projekte/holzdvd/  
ITTO & TFF: Reduced impact logging manuals http://www.tff-indonesia.org/index.php/en/tff-library/ril-procedures-manuals
An introduction to forest operations and technology www.jvpforest.com  
FESA: South African Chainsaw Safety and Operating Handbook http://www.icfr.ukzn.ac.za/collaboration/forest-engineering-southern-africa/fesa-publications/
FESA: South African Cable Yarding Safety and Operating Handbook


FESA: Guidelines for Forest Engineering Practices in South Africa http://www.icfr.ukzn.ac.za/publications/guidelines-forest-engineering-practices-south-africa
BC: Harvesting Systems and Equipment in British Columbia www.for.gov.bc.ca/hfd/pubs/docs/sil/Sil468.pdf  
Introduction to Forest Operations and Technology http://www.jvpforest.com/


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