Which Hitachi machines are suitable for forestry applications?

Hitachi excavators are commonly seen in harvesting operations. They have now provided us with a document outlining which machines are suitable.

As most loggers know, the selection of the correct carrier is very important, especially when using construction machines. When exposed to the harsh forestry environment; productivity, safety and mechanical reliability of the machine can be compromised if improperly selected. Even though purpose-built forestry machines are preferred for challenging work, construction excavators do have applications when working conditions are suitable.

Hitachi has produced a concise document that provides the details of its ZAxis 210L, 225USRL, 240L, 280L, 350L and 380L excavators. The common uses of these machines are log loaders, harvesters and cable yarders. The differences of Hitachi’s forestry suitable excavators compared to their standard excavators include the following:

  • Increased machine stability – a longer undercarriage that provides a heavier counterweight for unstable ground.
  • Strengthened boom arm and bucket link – for improved machine reliability.
  • Increased work height – the boom high lift bracket provides higher working range and a shorter front swing radius for log loading.
  •  Increased undercarriage durability – the reinforced front idler brackets, upper rollers, track adjustment springs, and full track guards allow rougher terrain handling.
  • Air filter – air is pre-cleaned and then double filtered for optimal engine life.

Other forestry friendly features include an electric switch for the front attachment, a cab layout for good operator efficiency, optional reinforced catwalk and heavy duty corner guard, and an electric lubricator on certain models. The complete list of specifications for each model is provided. Source: http://www.hitachi-c-m.com/global/industry/forest.html


Andrew McEwan & Michal Brink




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