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Timber Transport Research Results – Using carbon to carry carbon?

Large amounts of carbon are stored in timber products. However, transporting the timber from the forest to the mill involves the combustion of fossil fuels. How much do these emissions reduce the net carbon sequestration value of the timber?

Interesting Products – Awassos MD 60C cable mini-skidder

The Awassos MD 60C articulated mini-skidder is ideal for low impact forestry and selective cutting (thinning) operations.

New Products – Morbark 5500 chain flail delimber/debarker

Morbark has introduced a new stand-alone, portable chain flail delimber/debarker.

Research Results – Low-investment fully mechanised thinning

This research investigated a potential cost effective system for small sized pine thinning.

Muck-truck – your motorised wheel barrow!

If you need a small vehicle to do some work around your road construction site, look no further!


14-18 July 2010 - INTERFORST Trade Fair for Forestry Technology - Munich, Germany.

19-22 August 2010 - Maderexpo - Montevideo, Uruguay.

24-27 August 2010 - Tra and Teknik: Wood Products and Technology - Göteborg, Sweden.

2-4 September 2010 - FinnMETKO - Finland.

7-9 October 2010 - Sabie Forest Fair - Sabie, South Africa. 

15 November 2010 - Expocorma - Santiago, Chile.

13-15 April 2011 - Expoforest 2011 (and XVI Seminar on harvesting and wood transportation) - Brazil.

29-31 March 2012 - AusTimber (and conference) - Mount Gambier, South Australia.

5-8 June 2013 - ElmiaWood - Jonkoping, Sweden.

Safety in forestry harvesting and haulage

This WorkSafe Victoria publication provides practical information on safety risk management.

Forest Engineering / Logging handbook – A “must read” for the forester

An updated handbook is on the market, titled “An introduction to forest operations and technology”.

Alternative in-forest vehicles

JST Services has come up with a few innovative ways of collecting logs from difficult areas.

Good practice guide - Production of wood fuel from forest landings

This guide covers the recovery of logging residues from landings.

Research results - Roadside bundling of logging residue

Research has been carried out on a prototype truck mounted logging residue bundler.

Conference paper – Improvements to equipment for harvesting biomass

What equipment is available and what changes could be made to improve its effectiveness?

Biomass harvesting – Calculate your costs for biomass harvesting

This cost calculation tool allows accurate predictions of the costs for harvesting logging residue with different systems.

Log transport – A guide to help choose the correct vehicle

The “Heavy vehicle selection guide” is designed to help the vehicle purchaser make the correct acquisition decision.

Timber transport – Tyre pressure control of log trucks

This informative publication provides background on tyre pressure control systems and the results of various trials carried out.

Interesting products – Computer programmes to simplify bioenergy calculations

Two programmes are available that compare different fuels for bioenergy production, including the delivered costs of wood.

New logging products – Cat C Series wheeled feller bunchers and new bunching saw

The new Cat 563C and 573C wheeled feller bunchers are joined by the new SH-56B felling head.

New guidebook – FPInnovations produces a handbook for biomass transport

The publication covers truck configurations and their suitability for different road conditions.

New publication – COFORD releases a report detailing cost-effective woodfuel supply chains

This comprehensive report, which can be downloaded from the web, investigated harvesting wood for energy.

New logging book – “Working in Harvesting Teams”

This comprehensive publication by Per-Erik Persson should be on the bookshelf of all harvesting foresters and contractors using CTL systems.

Logging videos – Safety videos for falling and bucking

WorkeSafeBC has produced a series of 6 videos that help mitigate the safety risks associated with felling and bucking.

Logging tools – Computer cost tools for logging planning and analysis

The US Forest Service provides Excel and web-based tools for various forest engineering operations.

New publication – Road Haulage of Round Timber: Code of Practice

The Timber Transport Forum of the UK has released the 4th edition of their log transport best practice document.

New publication – New Zealand Forest Road Engineering Manual

The legendary LIRA (Logging Industry Research Association) roading manual released in 1999 has been fully revised.

New publication – Establishing short rotation energy crops from a harvesting perspective

COFORD educates us on the field layout of energy crops to ensure good harvesting efficiency.

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