Articles - log trucks

Alternative in-forest vehicles

JST Services has come up with a few innovative ways of collecting logs from difficult areas.

Timber transport Tyre pressure control of log trucks

This informative publication provides background on tyre pressure control systems and the results of various trials carried out.

Cable yarding and loading handbook

The Oregon OSHA Cable Yarding and Loading Handbook focuses on skyline yarding on steep slopes.

Using lower road impact vehicles for log haulage

The Timber Transport Forum of the UK provides guidance in a new report.

New research by FPInnovations concentrates on log truck fuel consumption and machine operator safety

Folding the stanchions of log trucks down can result in fuel savings of 14.6%.

New log haulage manual

ForestWorks provides techniques for loading, driving and unloading log trucks.

Using virtual reality to load log trucks

Hiab's new HiVision virtual reality goggles keep the loading operator safely in the cab.

Log transport Extra long log haulage rig tested successfully

A 30 metre (98 ft), 66 tonne payload log truck can deliver 20% improved fuel consumption.

New research results Using in-woods scales to improve log truck efficiencies

This research quantified the benefits of using scales in the forest to improve the payload efficiency of log trucks.

Log transport and logging residue reports available from Skogforsk

The articles include using harvesters to map the location of logging residues, and new timber trucks with lower emissions and costs.

Using technology to reduce vehicle accidents

Mobileye has produced a simple solution to keep our driver safe on the road.

Log trucks powered by wood with virtually zero carbon emissions!

Volvo has been field testing vehicles powered by bio-DME, a fuel produced from biomass.

Newsflash Whats happening in Forest Engineering?

New issue of Shortcuts released by Skogforsk

Newsflash Whats happening in forest engineering?

Volvo tests new technology in log haulage project

Improving the aerodynamics of truck trailers

Finnish forestry facts at your fingertips


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