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Interesting Information - Tips for using harvesters and processors more efficiently – part 2

This follows on from the January issue, where simple techniques to increase productivity, reduce fuel consumption and minimise wear and tear on the carrier and processing equipment are highlighted.

Steep slope harvesting – Ponsse Alpine Buffalo

Ponsse and Herzog have made use of a winch on a forwarder to increase its terrain handling capabilities.

Research - Steep slope harvesting in New Zealand

Improved productivity, no worker on the slope and no hand on the chainsaw? What is this all about?

Research Results – Low-investment fully mechanised thinning

This research investigated a potential cost effective system for small sized pine thinning.


14-18 July 2010 - INTERFORST Trade Fair for Forestry Technology - Munich, Germany.

19-22 August 2010 - Maderexpo - Montevideo, Uruguay.

24-27 August 2010 - Tra and Teknik: Wood Products and Technology - Göteborg, Sweden.

2-4 September 2010 - FinnMETKO - Finland.

7-9 October 2010 - Sabie Forest Fair - Sabie, South Africa. 

15 November 2010 - Expocorma - Santiago, Chile.

13-15 April 2011 - Expoforest 2011 (and XVI Seminar on harvesting and wood transportation) - Brazil.

29-31 March 2012 - AusTimber (and conference) - Mount Gambier, South Australia.

5-8 June 2013 - ElmiaWood - Jonkoping, Sweden.

Research – Guidance on site selection for brash removal

This publication by the Forestry Commission focuses on slash removal after harvesting.

Safety in forestry harvesting and haulage

This WorkSafe Victoria publication provides practical information on safety risk management.

Forest Engineering / Logging handbook – A “must read” for the forester

An updated handbook is on the market, titled “An introduction to forest operations and technology”.

Research results - Roadside bundling of logging residue

Research has been carried out on a prototype truck mounted logging residue bundler.

Valmet becomes Komatsu

Red machines will still be working in the forest, but the Valmet brand will no longer be used.

Conference paper – Improvements to equipment for harvesting biomass

What equipment is available and what changes could be made to improve its effectiveness?

New publication – Onboard computer guide for logging machines

CRC for Forestry in Australia have produced a guide that will assist the foresters and contractors with onboard computer selection.

Interesting information – Safety technical notes and risk assessments

These very useful free for download guides, cover the entire spectrum of forestry activities.

Biomass harvesting – Calculate your costs for biomass harvesting

This cost calculation tool allows accurate predictions of the costs for harvesting logging residue with different systems.

Onboard computers – Next generation FPDat computers available in September

With prototype trials having been completed, the commercial version of FPDat is now available.

Interesting products – Computer programmes to simplify bioenergy calculations

Two programmes are available that compare different fuels for bioenergy production, including the delivered costs of wood.

New research results – Protecting our machine operators from thrown objects

Researchers from the USDA Forest Service have investigated the protective mechanisms used to protect operators from thrown objects during tree cutting and processing.

New publication – COFORD releases a report detailing cost-effective woodfuel supply chains

This comprehensive report, which can be downloaded from the web, investigated harvesting wood for energy.

New logging book – “Working in Harvesting Teams”

This comprehensive publication by Per-Erik Persson should be on the bookshelf of all harvesting foresters and contractors using CTL systems.

Logging videos – Safety videos for falling and bucking

WorkeSafeBC has produced a series of 6 videos that help mitigate the safety risks associated with felling and bucking.

Logging tools – Computer cost tools for logging planning and analysis

The US Forest Service provides Excel and web-based tools for various forest engineering operations.

Logging research – Stump and kerf fibre loss associated with different feller buncher heads

The CRC for Forestry in Australia has produced a bulletin examining volume losses when using different feller buncher heads.

New publication – Establishing short rotation energy crops from a harvesting perspective

COFORD educates us on the field layout of energy crops to ensure good harvesting efficiency.

Determining the biomass in Pinus radiata logging residues

This Australian research quantified the amount of biomass residue that could be available for bioenergy use.

FESA research - Comparing the productivity of harvesting systems in Acacia pulpwood

Three semi-mechanised and one mechanised system were examined, with the focus on tree size, form and bark adhesion.

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