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Interesting Products Awassos MD 60C cable mini-skidder

The Awassos MD 60C articulated mini-skidder is ideal for low impact forestry and selective cutting (thinning) operations.

John Deere New Autoshift feature in H-series skidders

No more gear shifting for the operator, the correct gear is automatically selected for the load.

Forest machines and fuel consumption

FPInnovations have a fuel economy guide which is free for download from their website.

Interesting information Safety technical notes and risk assessments

These very useful free for download guides, cover the entire spectrum of forestry activities.

New six-wheel drive grapple skidder from Tigercat

The new 615C grapple skidder from Tigercat is sure to grab the attention of loggers around the globe.

Nokian introduces a wider and more efficient tyre for skidders

The new Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2 tyre will complement the existing tyre range of skidder tyres.

Tigercat skidders achieve optimal torque and speed with their EHS transmission system

The impressive benefits of the Efficient High Speed system are fully explained to us.

John Deere introduce their new L-Series Skidders

The L-Series marks the 50 year celebrations of John Deere manufacturing skidders.

Tigercat release their new 25 tonne forwarder

The 1085B severe duty forwarder is designed to handle virtually all conditions.

Nokian Tyres releases a full range of new forestry skidder tyres

The new Nokian Logger King LS-2 is purpose-designed for full-tree logging operations.

Tigercat release their new 632E grapple skidder

This new skidder has been designed for very challenging conditions and high volume logging.

What lubricants should be used for different forestry machines?

This table includes all the major forestry machines used, and the oil types for their various components.

Which forestry tyres for which application part 1

We examine the Nokian range of tyres to see what tyre should be used for specific conditions.

Which forestry tyres for which application part 2

We examine the Nokian range of tyres to see what tyre should be used for specific conditions.

Interesting information Small-scale Systems for Harvesting Woodfuel Products

The Forestry Commission provides an excellent guideline for the selection of appropriate systems for small-scale harvesting operations.

Guidebook on whole-tree harvesting

We examine the Forestry Commissions guide to good practice when carrying out whole-tree harvesting.

Research results Volume losses of eight clearfell logging systems operating in pine

This research quantified volume losses during the felling and conversion of pine sawtimber trees, and determined the utilisable timber left infield.

Comparing logging system productivity and costs in conventional and energywood harvesting from pine plantations

The cost effectiveness of the system when producing different products from the same stands was examined.

Tigercat partners with FPT Industrials for their Tier 4 engine solutions

The FPT engine series will be fully supported by Tigercat, including all parts, service, warranty and technical support.

John Deere introduce their new E-Series knuckleboom loader

The 437E knuckleboom loader is the latest addition to John Deere's full-tree system solutions.

John Deere upgrades their L-Series skidders for increased power

The improvements also include in increased power-to-weight ratio, an improved engine after-treatment system, and new grapple and boom options.

Safety manuals and videos for logging and road construction machinery

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) produces a series of safety manuals and videos.

Logging safety Timber harvesting safety manual

This manual provides valuable information for the safe operation of ground-based logging systems.

Logging research Comparing soil erosion of cable yarders and tracked cable skidders

The potential for soil erosion was evaluated in this research carried out in the Appalachian Region of Virginia, USA.

New wheel weight package for John Deere skidders.

The package will add 860 kg (1,900 lbs) to the front of the skidder in order to improve traction.

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