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Interesting Products – Awassos MD 60C cable mini-skidder

The Awassos MD 60C articulated mini-skidder is ideal for low impact forestry and selective cutting (thinning) operations.

Road Publications – COFORD Forest Road Manual

Guidelines for the design, construction and management of forest roads.

Interesting information – Safety technical notes and risk assessments

These very useful free for download guides, cover the entire spectrum of forestry activities.

New publication – New Zealand Forest Road Engineering Manual

The legendary LIRA (Logging Industry Research Association) roading manual released in 1999 has been fully revised.

FESA research - Comparing the productivity of harvesting systems in Acacia pulpwood

Three semi-mechanised and one mechanised system were examined, with the focus on tree size, form and bark adhesion.

Motor-manual versus mechanised operations – which is better for thinning in pine plantations?

The site impacts, including residual tree damage, of two harvesting systems were evaluated and compared.

How should one splice cables in cable yarding operations?

WorkSafe has a free-for-download splicing manual that gives the step-by-step process for cable splicing.

Volvo trucks launch a unique gearbox for heavy vehicles

It is suited to roads with lots of gear changes such as hilly routes or having lots of curves and bends.

Guidelines for forest engineering practices

FESA have undertaken a major revision of their logging practices guidelines.

How to properly prepare equipment for winter

With the northern hemisphere winter approaching, Case provides tips for good equipment preparation.

Improving the maintenance of your hydraulic systems

Case provides advice on best management practices for hydraulic system maintenance.

Tigercat gives advice on keeping your equipment clean

Even though logging machines work in difficult conditions, keeping them clean prolongs the life of your machine.

Tigercat provides for logging machine track longevity

Advice is provided on the maintenance of tracks and good operating practices.

Mack truck’s lifter drive axle saves fuel and maintenance costs

Sensors lift or lower the axle to decrease or increase traction.

Steps to reduce harvester chain shot

AEM outlines five tips to reduce harvester head chain shot risk

Logging manuals – A safety guide for tree felling and cross cutting

Basic and advanced techniques for safely felling and crosscutting trees with chainsaws.

Biomass research – Recovery of biomass from poplar plantations

This research examined three possible systems that could be used to recover biomass from poplar plantations.

Logging and road best management practices manual for protecting water quality

The Maine Department of Conservation – Forest Service has a free-for-download publication that recommends best practices for protecting water quality in forests.

Choosing a harvesting system for energy wood from early thinning

This research aimed to determine the costs of producing chips for bioenergy from first thinning’s.

Research results – Volume losses of eight clearfell logging systems operating in pine

This research quantified volume losses during the felling and conversion of pine sawtimber trees, and determined the utilisable timber left infield.

Determining the fuel consumption of a log truck equipped with automated transmission

FPInnovations has carried out research into the fuel efficiency of a Class 8 log truck with automated transmission, and also examined the use of wide-base truck tyres for off-road applications.

New log haulage manual

ForestWorks provides techniques for loading, driving and unloading log trucks.

Difficult terrain harvesting – quantifying how the terrain slope affects the machine slope when harvesting!

Researchers in New Zealand examined machine stability related factors for steep slope harvesting.

Best practices for different types of oils and fluids

Case gives advice on maintaining and analysing the condition of engine oils, hydraulic fluids and coolant in equipment.

Best practices for different types of oils and fluids

This is the second in the series of articles with advice for maintaining and analysing the condition of engine oils, hydraulic fluids and coolant in equipment.

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