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Valmet New forwarder features

These include features to handle steeper terrain.

Which bandtrack should I be using?

ECO-TRACKS provide a brief overview of the application of their different bandtracks.

Forest machines and fuel consumption

FPInnovations have a fuel economy guide which is free for download from their website.

Interesting information Safety technical notes and risk assessments

These very useful free for download guides, cover the entire spectrum of forestry activities.

Logging equipment New forwarders from Komatsu Forest

The Komatsu 855 and 865 are two brand new mid-range forwarders with new engines, transmissions and cabs.

Cranab presents the largest forwarder crane ever

The Cranab FC16 crane has been developed for the markets largest and most powerful forwarders.

Which shift schedule is the best for my mechanised logging operation?

Take note of these important recommendations to get the most out of your operators and machines.

John Deere introduces intuitive boom tip control for forwarders

Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) promises higher productivity from your John Deere forwarder.

New logging handbook adds value to harvesting operations

“Working in Harvesting Teams: Basic knowledge” is a great piece of literature that can be used by students and professionals alike.

Komatsu Forest upgrades their 855.1 forwarder

The improvements include increased traction, a larger bunk size and a refined power train.

Productivity of harvesters and forwarders in CTL operations

Researchers have carried out a comprehensive study on harvester and forwarder productivity.

New extendable bunk and hooked crane from Tigercat

Tigercats forwarders now feature a low-wide bunk and hooked crane.

Tigercat FPT Tier 2 and Tier 4f C-series forwarders released around the globe.

Tigercat’s new 1055C, 1075C and 1085C forwarders are now available.

The Tigercat 1055C forwarder receives major updates

The heavy-duty, 14-tonne 1055 model series has received some major improvements and new features.

Logset successfully tests a forwarder based winch

The TWinch assistant developed by Ecoforst has been used with a Logset in South America

Recent research publications

"The Effect of Customer–Contractor Alignment in Forest Harvesting Services on Contractor Profitability and the Risk for Relationship Breakdown"

“Characterizing Rigging Crew Proximity to Hazards on Cable Logging Operations Using GNSS-RF: Effect of GNSS Positioning Error on Worker Safety Status”

“Forestry Best Management Practices Relationships with Aquatic and Riparian Fauna: A Review”

“Can Biomass Quality Be Preserved through Tarping Comminuted Roadside Biomass Piles?”

“Comparison of productivity and cost depending on slope when forwarding short length logs with small Japanese forwarders”

Research Results Productivity of stump harvesting for fuel

Trying to find wood to use as an energy source is becoming more challenging. One potential source is stump wood. This article looks at the productivity of the equipment used in the harvesting of stump wood.

What lubricants should be used for different forestry machines?

This table includes all the major forestry machines used, and the oil types for their various components.

Research Results Environmentally sensitive CTL logging

This research investigated the use of band/bogie tracks and slash with forwarders to reduce soil impacts.

Which forestry tyres for which application part 1

We examine the Nokian range of tyres to see what tyre should be used for specific conditions.

Interesting information Small-scale Systems for Harvesting Woodfuel Products

The Forestry Commission provides an excellent guideline for the selection of appropriate systems for small-scale harvesting operations.

Interesting information Innovative steep slope logging products from Herzog

Herzog Forsttechnik produces innovative equipment modifications to enable logging on steep slopes.

Guidebook on whole-tree harvesting

We examine the Forestry Commissions guide to good practice when carrying out whole-tree harvesting.

How do forwarder steering and transmission drive systems effect soil rutting?

Two forwarders with different drive and steering systems were compared.

Mecanil introduces their new energywood felling head

The XG220 head can fell small and larger material due to two different cutting units.

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