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New logging products – Cat C Series wheeled feller bunchers and new bunching saw

The new Cat 563C and 573C wheeled feller bunchers are joined by the new SH-56B felling head.

New guidebook – FPInnovations produces a handbook for biomass transport

The publication covers truck configurations and their suitability for different road conditions.

Logging research – Stump and kerf fibre loss associated with different feller buncher heads

The CRC for Forestry in Australia has produced a bulletin examining volume losses when using different feller buncher heads.

Tigercat introduce their first G-Series drive-to-tree feller buncher

The new 724G feller buncher is powered by a Tier 4 final engine.

Cat tracked feller bunchers and harvesters upgraded

All models have been upgraded with the new Cat PRO (Parallel Reach Operation) system.

Tigercat releases their new LX830D feller buncher for steep slope operations

A number of improvements have been made to service access, ergonomics and hydraulic efficiency.

Tigercat’s G-series feller bunchers obtain a new cab

The improved operators cab is applicable to all G-Series drive-to-tree feller bunchers.

Waratah introduce a new extra-robust large tree directional felling head

The FL-95 head is has been purpose-designed for difficult harvesting conditions.

Logging machine updates – New option for John Deere tracked feller buncher

John Deere has added the option of a heavy-duty undercarriage to their 753J feller buncher.

New felling head from Cat more durable and productive

Cat has introduced the new Cat HF201B feller buncher head into most of its logging markets.

New boom structure and cooling system for John Deere harvesters and bunchers

The new technology is used on John Deere’s 900K tracked feller bunchers and 900KH tracked harvesters, and allows for extra boom reach, and manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Mecanil introduces their new energywood felling head

The XG220 head can fell small and larger material due to two different cutting units.

New Zealand researchers test remote controlled tree felling

The safety of the logging site is receiving significant focus by New Zealand foresters.

Difficult terrain harvesting – quantifying how the terrain slope affects the machine slope when harvesting!

Researchers in New Zealand examined machine stability related factors for steep slope harvesting.

Maximizing the life of your excavator undercarriage – part 2

Cat provides operating tips for excavators used in logging applications.

Tigercat releases their new D-series 822 tracked feller buncher

The 822D feller buncher is designed for challenging thinning and final felling.

John Deeres 800M-Series tracked feller bunchers and harvesters equipped with Final Tier 4 Engines

The new engines meet the required emission standards but retain the key features present since the series launch.

Stability and traction of steep slope tethered feller-bunchers

Researchers have shed more light on the performance of felling machines in steep slopes.

John Deere equips certain tracked carriers with Final Tier 4 engines

The 900M-Series tracked feller bunchers and 900MH-Series harvesters have the new engines.

Logging information – Tooth and disk systems for feller bunchers

Quadco provides a brochure for indicating the different disks and teeth in their product line-up.

New engine for John Deere feller bunchers and harvesters

The 700-Series tracked feller-bunchers and harvesters have a new 9.0 litre engine.

Continuously felling small diameter trees with an innovative felling head

Researchers have tested a prototype felling head that is capable of rapidly felling small diameter trees for biofuel.

John Deere Introduces their L-Series wheeled feller bunchers

The new wheeled feller bunchers offer several productivity-enhancing features.

New bioenergy product – Mecanil XG220 multi-purpose felling grapple

Mecanil has introduced a multi-function grapple with a saw and shear for felling.

Tips for safe feller buncher operation

Feller bunchers, like many other logging machines, are safe machines if maintained and operated correctly.

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