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Interesting Information - Horse logging?!

Is horse logging a thing of the past, or even animal logging in general? Certainly not, it is still widely used in many areas of the world. But where do you find information on this?

New technology and innovations used in trucks

Mack Trucks gives us an overview of some of the latest developments in trucking technology.

Logging research FORMEC Forest Engineering research papers published

Logging mechanisation knowledge has taken a great step forward with the publishing of relevant and practical research papers in the latest issue of the Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering.

NovaJack For the fun of logging

NovaJack manufactures products and accessories for the one person harvesting team.

The diesel engine What can we use to fuel it?

Volvo explains all the different sources of fuel that can keep our diesel engine powered.

Comparing the productivity of five small-scale harvesting systems

The systems studied included agricultural tractors, animal power and skylines.

25 Weirdest Grinding Applications

Do you only grind woody biomass? Rotochopper shares some of the strangest things they have been requested to grind!

Review of worldwide standards for solid biofuels

The new standards will simplify the global trade of solid biofuels.

Recent research publications

"Integrated supply of stemwood and residual biomass to forest-based biorefineries”

"Comparison of Cable Skidding Productivity and Cost: Pre-Choking Mainline Versus Tagline Systems”

"Designing Mobile Anchors to Yield: A Tension Relief System for Tail Anchoring”

"Frequency and Advantages of Animal-Powered Logging for Timber Harvesting in Hungarian Nature Conservation Areas”


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