New Products Morbark 5500 chain flail delimber/debarker

Morbark has introduced a new stand-alone, portable chain flail delimber/debarker.

The unit is designed to remove the bark and branches from trees being harvested for pulp mills, achieving a bark content of less than one percent. The unit can either be used stand-alone to produce cleanly debarked and delimbed stems, or with a stand-alone chipper to either produce high quality pulp chips or clean chips for the fuel market. A grinder can also be positioned under the discharge conveyor to simultaneously produce biomass fuel. It has an infeed system which spreads trees apart to enable better chain contact with the stems. An independent loader is required to feed the 5500.

What distinguishes the 5500 from other flail delimber/debarkers is that the unit is available with either two or three flails. It is also easier to transport between sites than other larger flail units. It comes with a diagnostic integrated control system, which monitors the feed wheel, hydraulic pressures, and the flail drum speed to ensure optimal performance and good fuel consumption. The unit is smaller than the Morbark 2355 flail unit, and comparisons and key specs can be seen in the table below.


Morbark 5500 2 flail

Morbark 5500 3 flail

Morbark 2355

Length 27’3” (8.5 m) 31’11” (9.7 m) 35’ (10.7m)
Gross weight 51,160 lbs (23,200 kg) 66,980 lbs (30,380 kg) 71,880 lbs (32,600 kg) (without loader)
Engine John Deere or Cat: 325 – 500 hp (370 kW) John Deere or Cat: 500 – 600 hp (450 kW) John Deere, Cat or Cummins: up to 600 hp (450 kW)
Infeed opening 23” by 55” (58 x 140 cm) 23” by 55” (58 x 140 cm) 24” by 55” (61 x 140 kW)
Fuel capacity 220 gallons (830 l) 285 gallons (1,080 l) 240 gallons (910 l)
Hydraulic oil capacity 250 gallons (950 l) 360 gallons (1,360 l) Flail: 200 gallons (760 l)
Feed system and loader: 300 gallons (1,140 l)



Andrew McEwan & Michal Brink



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