New Products - Ponsse H7euca Eucalyptus harvesting head

Ponsse has recently introduced the H7euca harvesting head into their product line-up. The H7euca is a modified H7 head.

The Ponsse 550, 650 and 750 heads are the other Ponsse harvesting heads that can also be modified to harvest Eucalyptus. These are all two feed roller heads, but can be supplied with a four feed roller option if desired (the rear delimbing knife is then absent). The H7 head has three feed rollers that come standard. Modifications have been made to the delimbing knives, feed rollers (which can be turned to extend their life) and roller assembly geometry of the H7 to enable it to harvest Eucalyptus.

It is the most compact (1500 mm) of the Ponsse Eucalyptus modified range of heads, allowing for harvesting of trees with poorer form. It has a higher power consumption (130 kW) than the 550 to 750 Ponsse heads and has an oil flow requirement of 300 litres per minute. The H7 has a maximum feedspeed 5.5 m/sec, which is marginally less than the 550 to 750 range (all 6 m/sec). The H7 weighs in at 1,250 kg (including the rotator and hanger), which is the same weight as the 550, but lighter than the 650 (1650 kg) and 750 (1700 kg) Eucalyptus heads. Source:


Andrew McEwan & Michal Brink



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