Logging safety Timber harvesting safety manual

This manual provides valuable information for the safe operation of ground-based logging systems.

The title of the manual is “Timber Harvesting Safety Manual”, and was developed by the Forest Resource Association of the USA. The aim of the manual is to be a guide to safer operations, and to prevent accidents while using ground-based harvesting systems. The manual can be downloaded (for free) in its various sections from the internet. These are as follows:

  • Introduction – this covers the importance of safety in logging, and the general causes of accidents.
  • General rules of safety – Logging-on finds the “top ten points of logging safety” very valuable.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines – The various types of personal equipment are described.
  • Safety guidelines for hand tools – The safety aspects of various hand tools are listed.
  • Safety guidelines for chainsaw operators – General chainsaw safety is covered first, followed by felling, limbing (debranching) and bucking (cross-cutting). Illustrations help explain the text.
  • Safety for woods equipment operations – Different types of mechanised equipment are covered in this extended section, including rubber tyred skidders, felling equipment, delimbing, loading, forwarders and chippers.
  • Operational safety/loss control – General areas such as landings, attaching cables and fuel storage are included.
  • Safety in transportation – This covers log transport on public roads.
  • Other – Other sections include accident investigations, hazard communication programmes, lockout guidelines and emergency care.

Source: http://www.loggingsafety.com/content/timber-harvesting-safety-manual  


Andrew McEwan & Michal Brink




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