Kaiser S2 4x4 Cross - Walking mobile excavator (harvester?)

This multifunctional carrier can have a harvester head mounted onto it.

It has four large, double-pivot steerable driving wheels. Each wheel is steerable over the entire leg adjustment. This gives triple steering, as the front and rear leg and wheel can steer. It is also permanently in four-wheel drive. This all gives very good traction and manoeuvrability without compromising stability.

Due to the ability of the Kaiser to raise, lower and steer individual legs and wheels, it can maintain excellent stability on rough terrain and steep side slopes. When working across the slope (transverse), it can handle up to 70% slopes, and while working up and down the slope it can handle up to 100% slopes! It has a turning circle of only 15 m (49 ft).

Besides its excellent terrain handling, it is also built to handle difficult conditions. It has a solid undercarriage with large bearings and well protected hose guides. The boom has an 8.2 m (27 ft) reach with good load lifting capabilities (1.6 tonnes/3,500 lb at 7m/15.4 ft reach) due to its high stability. It has 360 degree continuous slewing capabilities. It uses a 117 kW (157 hp) Perkins engine. All functions can be controlled directly from the joystick, with no release of the controls being necessary.

To top it all off, the Kaiser S2 4x4 Cross can even be approved for road traffic use.
Source: http://www.kaiser.li


Andrew McEwan & Michal Brink




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