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Research Results – Reducing sediment loss from unpaved roads

This study looks at five different techniques to reduce sediment pollution from unpaved roads.

Check your grapple skidder snubber?

The grapple skidder snubber prevents the grapple swinging widely and causing damage to the boom structure or grapple.

Valmet – New forwarder features

These include features to handle steeper terrain.

Safety in forestry harvesting and haulage

This WorkSafe Victoria publication provides practical information on safety risk management.

Forest Engineering / Logging handbook – A “must read” for the forester

An updated handbook is on the market, titled “An introduction to forest operations and technology”.

Alternative in-forest vehicles

JST Services has come up with a few innovative ways of collecting logs from difficult areas.

Road Publications – COFORD Forest Road Manual

Guidelines for the design, construction and management of forest roads.

Conference paper – Improvements to equipment for harvesting biomass

What equipment is available and what changes could be made to improve its effectiveness?

Interesting information – Safety technical notes and risk assessments

These very useful free for download guides, cover the entire spectrum of forestry activities.

Operator management – Checking on the health and performance of your operator

Make use of this operator health and performance tool to improve your logging productivity.

Log transport – A guide to help choose the correct vehicle

The “Heavy vehicle selection guide” is designed to help the vehicle purchaser make the correct acquisition decision.

Forest roads – FPInnovations releases bridge inspection field guide

This free-for-download guide is intended for the forester responsible for bridge maintenance.

New logging products – Cat C Series wheeled feller bunchers and new bunching saw

The new Cat 563C and 573C wheeled feller bunchers are joined by the new SH-56B felling head.

Logging videos – Safety videos for falling and bucking

WorkeSafeBC has produced a series of 6 videos that help mitigate the safety risks associated with felling and bucking.

New publication – New Zealand Forest Road Engineering Manual

The legendary LIRA (Logging Industry Research Association) roading manual released in 1999 has been fully revised.

Four new CRC logging publications released

The bulletins investigate harvester value recovery, volume recovery, harvester measurement accuracy, and comparisons of harvesting systems in gum plantations.

New D37-23 and D39 crawler dozers from Komatsu

The dozers have been designed for a variety of work such as forestry, grading, land clearing and site work.

Which shift schedule is the best for my mechanised logging operation?

Take note of these important recommendations to get the most out of your operators and machines.

New logging handbook adds value to harvesting operations

“Working in Harvesting Teams: Basic knowledge” is a great piece of literature that can be used by students and professionals alike.

Using winches for hang-ups and vehicle debogging

This technical guide allows hung-up trees to be brought down safely using winches.

Tigercat releases their new 875 logger

The new machine is the younger brother of Tigercats successful 880 logger.

Guidelines for forest road engineering in mountainous terrain

Logging-on examines an FAO publication that provides useful information for roads on difficult terrain.

Extend the life of your chipper knives

Precision Sharpening Devices produce a tool that can sharpen chipper knives while still on the drum.

Using lower road impact vehicles for log haulage

The Timber Transport Forum of the UK provides guidance in a new report.

JCB produces a machine to cut the costs of pothole repairs

The new Potholemaster is based on JCB’s popular backhoe loader.

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